Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal LLC


Most of our customers have us come out on a weekly basis. If you are interested in having your yard serviced more than once a week, contact us and we can set that up as well. The day of the week your house is serviced is based upon its location.
We work in most weather conditions throughout the year. Your pet will not stop doing their business, so we cannot stop doing ours. However, there are a few conditions where your service may need to be rescheduled. A couple of these conditions are thunderstorms and very heavy rain. Also, during the winter months, if the snow accumulates more than one-half of an inch, we will postpone service for a day or two. Usually, the snow will melt some by then and we can resume our scheduled service.

We do not work on the following holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

For most of the holidays in the summer months, people want to use their backyards for cookouts. They would rather have us come a day or two before the holiday than on the holiday itself.

For the safety of our employees, they are prohibited from climbing any fences. For that reason, if you normally lock your gate, we need it to be unlocked in order to provide service. Alternatively, we can make arrangements to use one of our combination locks. This allows both your household and our employees to have access to your yard while still keeping it locked. The lock is provided to you at no charge, but must be returned should your service end with Scoop-It.
You know how your dog reacts to strange people around their yard. If they do not handle strangers well, then we ask that they be detained while we complete your service. In most cases, we get along well with dogs, so it is fine for them to be in the yard during the cleaning. Although, for whatever reason, if the dog does not allow us to enter the yard to clean it, then we ask that the dog be detained for all future service calls.
If we come out for service and, for some reason, the gate is locked or your dog will not let us complete the service, it may be necessary to charge you for that missed day. If you call us in advance to let us know that you forgot to unlock your gate or detain your dog, we will be able to reschedule your service and you will not receive an additional charge.
We have different billing options available to our customers. First, we offer monthly and yearly billing cycles. For monthly billing, invoices are mailed out at the end of the month and payment is due by the fifteenth of the following month. For example, if it is November 30, 2006, and you receive your invoice, payment is due by December 15, 2006. For yearly billing, payment is due in full upon the start of service. This is based on a 52-week year, not on a 12 month year, because we are a weekly service.

Next, you can submit payment by mail or by using our online account management system. For payments by mail, send a check or money order, using the self-addressed envelope that comes with your invoice. For online account managment payments, have more options. First, you may request to have an electronic invoice sent to your email address. This bill will have a button on it that you can click to submit a payment using our secure payment option. You can also view your invoices past and present by logging into your account. Once logged in you can also pay your invoice.

If there is substantial accumulated waste the first time we come out to clean your yard, there will be an extra charge. This charge will not be applied with out prior approval from you. This typically will happen when customers sign up right after the snow starts to melt. This is where our Winter Thaw / Spring Clean Up service, comes in.
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Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal is a company that stands behind its work. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with our service, please notify us right away. We will either come out and re-clean your yard the same or next day, or credit your account so that you will not be charged.
We do offer discounts for referrals. After the referral pays for a minimum of one week of his service, your account will be credited for one week of your service. If you have pre-paid for service, you may request a refund or extend your pre-paid service for another week.