About Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal LLC


My name is Brad Mockensturm and I started Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal LLC in 2003 after attending an Uncles wedding.  During the reception a few of my cousins and I had been standing around catching up from not seeing each other in a while. When our Uncle Dave joined in. After a little while (don’t remember how it came up) he giggled and told us the he was at a buddy’s house when some guy pulled up in a Mercedes Benz got a bucket a shovel and proceeded to the friends backyard.  Uncle Dave not shy to ask questions posed the question that most people to this day ask me. He asked what that guy was up to. Uncle Dave started to laugh and said this guy started a business cleaning up after people’s dogs and does it in a Mercedes Benz.  It was at that moment my cousins and I laughed like most people do, but what they didn’t know was a seed had been planted in my head.

A few weeks passed and while I was in my backyard cleaning up after my two Siberian Huskies that seed started to grow.  As I cleaned I wondered how I have never heard of this business.  See at that time I worked in one of the big box stores as a Corporate Trainer and also helped with the Northwest Ohio Siberian Husky Rescue.  I was very familiar with dogs and businesses that revolved around them and I had never heard of such a thing.  I finished cleaning up went in and asked my wife Danielle “hey what do you think about a pooper scooper business?” her reply “I would pay to have someone do that” set off an explosion of ideas in my head.  Not 10 minutes passed and I already had the name Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal and began searching the web to find out as much as possible about this type of business.

Scoop-It was officially started and in business. My first pooper scooper vehicle was a Chrysler Sebring convertible. Not exactly the right vehicle for the job but hey I had to start somewhere. I continued to work at my full time job as the business grew and in 2004 when my Daughter Sydney was born I became 100% self employed as a pooper scooper.

I am proud to say Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal is the oldest locally operated pet waste removal company in Northwest Ohio and Southwest Michigan serving this area for 10 years. I have scooped over 300,000lbs of pet waste and gone through three trucks, several websites, and many yards. Another point of pride for me is we still service our very first Customer every Wednesday.

That’s our story so far and we are still writing, growing, and more importantly scooping!

Oh by the way a few years after I started I had to talk to a Customer about her dog slamming into a glass door trying to get outside after me. During our conversation she said “well I think that other pooper scooper did something to him”. I asked what other pooper scooper? Her reply was “the one that used his car”.  I questioned if she was referring to me in the Sebring?  Her answer “no not you, this guy drove a Mercedes Benz”!

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