About Scoop-It Pet Waste Removal LLCScoop-It Pet Waste Removal LLCScoop-It Pet Waste Removal LLC


Our mission is to provide personal and professional service to pet owners that will allow them to spend more time with their pets and family.

With Scoop-It, your “Satisfaction is Guaranteed!”

Serving select cities in Ohio and Michigan counties including:

  • – Lucas County, Ohio
  • – Wood County, Ohio
  • – Monroe County, Michigan

What People are Saying

I have problems with mobility…this makes life easier for me and my pet.

~ D. Fritts

I do not have to clean it myself & it is disposed of as well. Out of sight out of mind!

~ A. Rossbach

They seem to find where my dog thinks she has hidden her deposits (she works very hard at hiding them).

~ B. Smith

I never have to worry about it being done. I don’t get home till after dark & I don’t have to do the scooping on Sunday – Very Reliable. I love it and tell everyone I can!

~ J. Lewandowski

It frees up time to play/walk dog more & not worrying about cleaning up yard.

~ R. Nelson